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Q: What are your Hours of Operation?

A: We are available from 9AM to 6PM EST Monday through Friday. (Saturdays and Sundays by appointment for deliveries only). If you call at another time, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. You may also e-mail us with your inquiry. You can reach Gary White anytime on his cell phone at 313-770-8453.

Q: What if I want to buy or lease a vehicle that is not in your current inventory?

A: We have sources across the country and can usually find what you are looking for at a very competitive price. Birmingham Imports has been in this business for over twenty years and has established a vast network of the most reliable and reasonably priced wholesalers, brokers and dealers.

Q: When do I need to put down a deposit and is it refundable?

A: After you've made the decision to purchase a specific car that we've presented to you, we will fax you a Buyers Order (and credit application, if necessary). Once you sign that buyers order, you'll send your deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable contingent upon your approval of an inspection of the vehicle (prior to shipping), and the terms of the financing or leasing we supply (should you require it). If you are not completely satisfied with the car or the terms, your deposit is 100% refundable.

Q: Where is the inspection done, who does it, and who pays for it?

A: We buy cars everywhere, so the car we sell to you may be anywhere in the United States. The inspection must be done near to where the car is.

Who does the inspection is up to you. Most people have us set it up, however, you can arrange your own inspection, you can go where the car is and see it yourself, or you can send someone. If we're making the arrangements for inspection, wherever possible, we will send the car to an authorized dealer of that make. For example, if you're buying a Porsche, we'll send it to a Porsche dealer, if it's a Mercedes, we send it to a Mercedes dealer, a Ferrari goes to a Ferrari dealer, etc. If an authorized dealer is not in the area, we will find a qualified inspector.

The cost of the inspection is your responsibility. You pay for the inspection for two reasons. First, the inspector should be working for you, with only your best interests at heart. Second, by paying and getting a written report, you now have recourse against the inspector or dealership, should they miss, or inaccurately report, something (though this very rarely happens). Inspection costs typically range between $50 and $200 depending upon the car and the inspector.

Q: How do I pay for my car?

A: There are three options for payment: We can arrange financing or leasing for you, you can pay cash, or you can arrange your own outside financing.

1. We Arrange Financing
When we fax you the buyers order to sign, we will also fax you a credit application. Your application is then submitted to the most appropriate bank or leasing company, depending on your particular needs, and credit. Approval usually takes one day. Upon approval, we will call you regarding the specifics of your loan or lease. Those papers are sent for your signature by FedEx. Once you sign and return those papers, the deal is completed, and you take delivery of your car.

2. You Pay Cash
We accept payment by wire transfer or cashiers check. We do not accept credit cards. In certain cases, we will accept personal or company checks.

3. You Arrange Financing
Once you've been approved by your lender, simply provide us with the lender's contact information, and we will do the rest.

Q: What else do I need to buy a car?

A: The only other things we require are a copy of your drivers license and insurance.

Q: How do I get my car?

A: While getting the car is your responsibility financially, we are happy to arrange the shipping for you. Alternatively, you can pick up your car yourself or arrange your own shipping.

Q: Are there any cars that you don't sell?

A: While we can sell any car, our specialties are high line and exotic imported cars. All of our contacts, and all of our expertise is with those cars. Typically we would not even know who to call for a Honda, Toyota, Ford, or other mainstream makes. If you're not sure whether the car you want is within our purview, visit our website and view our inventory, or call us at 313-770-8453.

Q: Do you accept trade-ins?

A: Absolutely. We're happy to take virtually any car, truck, or motorcycle you have to trade, and we'll give you a fair wholesale price, based on condition and miles. As a wholesale dealer, we cannot give you a retail price for your car. However, many states offer sales tax "trade in credit" which helps raise your trade-in value (check with your state). Under this rule, if you trade a vehicle into a dealer, you only pay sales tax on the difference in price between your trade-in and the car you are buying. This sales tax credit may be substantial, and bring you closer to a retail price on your trade. For example, if your trade is worth $50,000 and the state you're in offers the trade in credit, and the state has a tax rate of 7%, then you will save $3500 in sales tax on the new car. So, it would be the same as you selling your car to a retail customer for $53,500.

Q: What about sales tax?

A: You pay sales tax in the state in which you register the car. The amount of sales tax you pay depends on the rate in that state. Nearly every state has a different sales tax rate, and in some cases it even varies from county to county. As we are Michigan based, if you are registering the car in Michigan, we are required to collect sales tax and do the registration for you. If you are out of state you can pay the tax directly to your state, or elect us to do it for you.

Q: Can I get information about the history of the car I'm about to buy?

A: Yes. We run a CarFax on every car. CarFax contains a complete title history detailing every change of ownership and verifying that the vehicle has a clean title, accurate odometer, and has had no reported accidents. In addition, we examine the service records and contact the dealers that did the service, to glean any pertinent information about that vehicle.

Q: Is there a warranty provided with my purchase?

A: Usually. We do not warranty the cars we sell, but you do receive the balance of the manufacturers warranty, if any. For most cars, we can sell you an extended warranty for as long as 4 years/48,000 miles. Prices and availability vary depending on the car. Call us at 313-770-8453 to check if your dream car qualifies.