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Erickson Motor Cars
Order Form


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To submit your order for a vehicle, please print and carefully complete this form, sign and date it, then mail with a certified check or money order for the applicable commission - 3% of estimated market price (made payable to "Erickson's Auto Center") to the address listed below. Please follow instructions carefully.

Your Name: ______________________________

Address 1: ______________________________

Address 2: ______________________________


Email: __________________________________

Phone: (Day)_________________ (Evening)_______________

Describe  the Vehicle You Wish to Purchase -

Manufacturer ______________ Year _____ Model ___________
Type _________ Transmission __________ Mileage __________
Enter preferred color: Exterior___________ Interior__________
Second color choice  : Exterior___________ Interior__________
Mandatory Options ____________________________________
Your Signature _____________________ Date ___/___/___

A receipt for your deposit will issued and mailed to you. Be sure you print out and complete your 'Customer Information' and offer details. Forward your certified check or money order made payable to 'Erickson's Auto Center' along with the completed Order Form to the following address:

Erickson's Auto Center 
Attn: Gary White 
14898 Telegraph Road
Redford, MI 48239

Any change in MSRP prices by the manufacturer will automatically result in adjustments to the total price of your vehicle. We cannot guarantee exact delivery dates until the vehicles arrive at the Mercedes-Benz USA VPC (Vehicle Prep Center). Your deposits will be refunded if you decide not to purchase. Color choices may be available but cannot be guaranteed. Prices do not include any applicable Federal or State Taxes, shipping charges, Title and License fees.