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2003 Maybach


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The Ultimate Limousine
2003 Maybach - Long Wheelbase

Vehicle Description

The time-honoured name "Maybach" is being revived as a separate brand in its own right in the DaimlerChrysler Group. The company will be presenting the new Maybach saloon in autumn 2002. With its unique roominess, its superlative engineering and its exclusive style, this luxury vehicle follows in the tradition of the legendary Maybach cars of old. Above all, this is down to close collaboration with the sister brand Mercedes-Benz, the leading international innovator in the field of safety, comfort, reliability and long life.

The new Maybach will reap the full benefits of leading-edge Mercedes-Benz technologyPremiere of the newly developed "Type 12" Maybach engine Top-flight engineering and a strong tradition make the new Maybach luxury brand a fresh and vital newcomer in the DaimlerChrysler family and provide a foretaste of great things to come. In autumn 2002, Maybach will renew the tradition of its large and spacious saloons with the successor to the legendary "Zeppelin", a luxury car which opens up new dimensions in more ways than one. As with the legendary top-of-the-line model of 1930, a V12 engine will provide the new Maybach with superior power and performance. Maybach will premiere the new "Type 12" engine, which delivers a peak output of 405 kW/550 hp and peak torque of 900 Newton metres, at the Geneva Motor Show. Maybach-Manufaktur - meeting exacting customer requirements with unsurpassed individuality

Whereas in years gone by Maybach's exclusive clientele went to specialist coachbuilders to have their cars "bodied", the new luxury saloon is 100 per cent factory-built at the Sindelfingen plant, right next door to where the S-Class is built. Highly trained employees, and coachbuilding and assembly processes based on a high level of hand-craftsmanship, ensure that even the most unconventional wishes can be catered for. Maybach customers are kept in the frame the whole time their car is taking shape; they can witness it being built and can contribute their own input as necessary. The new luxury brand is aiming to establish itself at the very forefront of a small but select market segment where expert opinion believes there is further potential for growth in the coming years.

DaimlerChrysler is better placed than any other manufacturer to translate this potential into fascinating products. Customers too have repeatedly approached the company with a request for a highly exclusive and bespoke automobiles in the high-end luxury class.

"We are meeting that request with all the resources of one hundred-plus years of experience and engineering ability in the development and production of luxury saloons", says Professor Jürgen Hubbert, DaimlerChrysler Board of Management Member for the Passenger Cars Mercedes-Benz/smart Division.

The short version with a total length of 5.70 metres will start at Euro 290.000, the lengthened version with a total length of 6.10 metres will start at 340.000 Euro. Those who want to have a Maybach still this year have to put down a deposit of 57.000 Euro to get on the waiting list.

A synonym in the 1930s for superior quality and exclusive style, from now on this name steeped in tradition is being used to designate the new luxury car brand in the Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car and smart division at DaimlerChrysler.

The Stuttgart automotive group has scheduled the presentation of the new Maybach saloon for this autumn. "We're using the name Maybach to emphasise the unique character of our future premium-quality product," comments Professor Jürgen Hubbert, Board Member of DaimlerChrysler AG, with responsibility for the Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car and smart division, "and to carry on the tradition of a legendary brand, whose exciting cars were the ultimate in design and technical perfection in the years between 1921 and 1940. We are pursuing these very same goals in the development of the new Maybach. Based on state-of-the-art Mercedes technology, the vehicles will set new standards in the world of premium cars, thus paying due honour to the great name of Maybach". The logo is also a reminder of the earlier German luxury car brand. In a modern interpretation, it takes its lead from the striking emblem which once used to adorn the radiators of these much-admired cars: "MM" once stood for "Maybach Motorenbau" -- and in future it will mean "Maybach Manufaktur".

Situated on the radiator grille of the new Maybach Saloon, the silver badge harmonises perfectly with the luxury car's body lines. Maximum individuality, stylish elegance and strongly-stated exclusiveness with maximum comfort -- these are the aims of the newly-founded car brand Maybach in the DaimlerChrysler Group. Detailed attention to every single customer and the fulfilment of the most demanding individual requirements will be given priority. For this reason, Maybach saloons will not be designed by referring to a catalogue or to a list of standard equipment; instead, a detailed exchange of ideas will first take place between the customer and a customer consultant. The customer can choose from a unique range of the finest materials, exclusive colours and innovative technical details, ranging from individually designed trim, through inlaid work, to high-specification business equipment in the rear. This means that every example of the new Maybach is a unique, valuable, custom-made piece. A purpose-built Maybach service centre is planned in Sindelfingen, with the laying of the foundation stone taking place this year. This service centre is to function as a "Centre of Excellence" and will serve as a model for other special Maybach consultancy centres to be set up by DaimlerChrysler in certain countries. All these centres will be in close contact with the Maybach "Manufaktur" and the development centre in Sindelfingen, so that designers and engineers can be involved in the individual design process of the luxury saloons at any time.

Manufacture at the DaimlerChrysler site in Sindelfingen is thus in keeping with the high standards associated with the brand. It provides the flexibility needed to fulfil individual equipment requirements and ensures crafted perfection of the highest order. No more than seven cars a day will be produced at the Maybach "Manufaktur". Technology: Innovations for the future, à la Mercedes-Benz In addition to the greatest possible individuality, aesthetic appeal and precision, the new luxury car brand in the DaimlerChrysler Group is banking on its technical supremacy -- and is here also in line with the tradition of the legendary Maybach saloon cars of the 1930s. Development work on the Maybach is in the hands of the best engineers at the Mercedes Technology Center (MTC) in Sindelfingen, which means that the new brand benefits from a smooth transfer of expertise. In important areas such as safety, reliability, functionality and long service life, the Maybach also offers tried-and-tested Mercedes qualities.

The range of models: Two body variants with V12 engine available Maybach customers can choose between two body variants. In the chauffeur-model saloon with its long wheelbase, they can enjoy unequalled quantities of space and matchless comfort. Rear-seat passengers can adjust their individual seats to a comfortable reclining position, thus ensuring a particularly relaxed ride thanks to automatically extending leg and footrests. A newly developed V12 engine with bi-turbo-charging works away under the luxury car's bonnet, providing superior performance while at the same time meeting the high comfort requirements of the new car brand. Manufacture: Flexible manufacturing of between 1000 and1500 luxury cars a year The Maybach "Manufaktur" will come on-stream in autumn 2002, with the capability to produce up to 1500 Saloons a year in flexible manufacture.

The biggest markets for the luxury car are the USA, western Europe and Japan. Double name: Homage to a designer of genius The Mercedes-Benz Maybach continues the great tradition of representative luxury saloons bearing the three-pointed star, while pointing the way to the future with numerous technical innovations. The illustrious double name symbolises the unique role of this future top-of-the-range automobile, which will be produced by the world's oldest car maker in honour of its inspired chief designer Wilhelm Maybach (18461929), who was for may years a close friend and companion of Gottlieb Daimler. The world is indebted to Maybach for many automotive engineering inventions, and the first Mercedes is acknowledged to have been his brainchild.

Appointments: Tailor-made according to the customer's requirements The top variant of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach will have an overall length of approximately six metres and offer every imaginable comfort and refinement from a complete business package to innovative entertainment systems. On request Mercedes-Benz will also supply this top-class limousine with a shorter wheelbase. By virtue of a unique standard of luxury and spaciousness, timeless styling, exclusive materials and perfect workmanship, both model variants will be incomparable automotive "personalities". Mercedes-Benz will enable customers to configure "their" Mercedes-Benz Maybach to their individual requirements with respect to materials, colours, appointments and technical features, assisted by engineers and designers, in a new building which is under construction at the Sindelfingen plant. Each example of this luxury limousine will therefore be an exclusive and thoroughly unique specimen.

Technology: A powerful V12 engine and innovative air suspension The technical highlights of the luxury limousine include a newly-developed, particularly powerful bi-turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine, whose practical trials have also already commenced, and an air suspension system which has been specifi-cally developed to provide maximum comfort in this top-class automobile. Thanks to seminal new developments the Mercedes-Benz Maybach will also set new standards in noise and climatic comfort. Production: Custom shop assembly at the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen The future top-of-the-range model by Mercedes-Benz will bear the quality distinction "Made in Germany": production of the luxury limousine will commence during the second half of 2002 in the tradition-steeped surroundings of the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen, where new production facilities akin to a custom shop are being installed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

Vehicle Condition

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Terms of Sale

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING!!! All bidders are encouraged to make contact via e-mail or phone prior to bidding. You are bidding on the right to purchase a 2003 Maybach at sticker price (estimated to be between $250,000 and $275,000 for short wbse. and $350,000 to $370,000 for long wbse.) for an anticipated delivery of Feb. or March 2003. Winning bidders must make phone contact within 24 hours of the end of the auction and submit a $15,000 deposit within 72 hours of the auction closing. This will guarantee your spot to purchase the vehicle. By bidding, you are entering into a legal and binding contract. Non-paying bidders will lose their deposit. Bidders MUST e-mail me with their name, address and home phone number prior to bidding or their bid will be cancelled. DEADBEAT bidders will be subject to a $250 penalty fee. A bid indicates your agreement to these terms.





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